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 All our wood and copper is locally sourced. A beautiful range of rustic gifts and home decor. Each letter is stamped by hand, each token cut individually and each wooden log sanded by hand. We pride ourselves on these processes to give you unique items.

Please note we work on a Made to Order basis so each piece is entirely unique. Due to this please allow at least 3-5 working days for your order to be made before dispatch.


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Due to the nature of copper it will tarnish over time from exposure to air and use. This is a completely natural process. While we polish each token, it will eventually start to dull. This gives the copper a wonderful new effect, however if you wish to return it to its shining appearance this can be done in many ways. For example, using white vinegar and salt, rubbing the copper gently and then rinsing it with clean water thoroughly can do this, as does using a solution of diluted lemon juice and salt, rinsing well after again.

Each token is unique in size and shape, some letters may tilt and some tokens will have more marks on them than others from their previous life before being up-cycled. This is all part of the handmade process we use, so please note the tokens you recieve will have a slightly different appearance to those shown in our images.