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Good Afternoon,

When it comes to creating a new product we are always determined to make sure every detail is perfect. A collection of great little ideas put together can make one beautiful creation. One we really worked hard on here at Orgill Originals was our Paper Roses.

The rose head alone is an intricate piece of art, put it with an upcycled wire copper stem to get a romantic single rose. This seemed like the end of the design process for our roses but we just felt something was missing... and that was a way to display it.

After much deliberation we decided on giving each rose a box, now we didn't want to just use cardboard display boxes and we still wanted to keep our upcycled nature at the forefront of our design so we decided to make our own wooden boxes.

Using wooden cladding made from sustainably sourced forests we cut each side one by one, using every last piece of the lengths of wood to make as many boxes as possible. We then nail the pieces together, stamp with our logo and voila! A beautiful, simple wooden box that will protect your rose for years to come.

Upcycled Paper Rose Wooden Handmade Display Box

Next up was inside the box, what could protect the rose, again we wanted to keep it simple and eco-friendly. After a few trials we decided on using more paper, this time shredded! We use vintage books which are either too damaged or the paper isn't suitable to make our rose petals so they still get to be used and it will not damage the environment if thrown away!

Upcycled Vintage Paper Rose Shredded Paper Packaging

 Of course the finishing touch is a length of satin ribbon in a hue of our trademark green.

As the title suggests, we truly believe that the details help make a craft piece a wonderful momento and everlasting gift.

Let us know what you think of our roses and their boxes! 

Upcycled Paper Rose Wooden Handmade Display Box Green Ribbon

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