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Welcome to Orgill Originals! Nicole here, founder of our little business, I'm going to tell you a little about our team and products.

We are family! There's me, my older sister, Abi, my father, Neil, and my mother, Christine. We are all working on our business together to bring you wonderfully unique and rustic gifts.

We are believers in waste not want not. We try to use as many upcycled materials as we can. For our copper tokens, Neil saves copper piping that's only going to be thrown away, flattens it out and cuts it into usable shapes. Our paper roses are all made from books we've bought from charity shops, car boots, or scrounged from friends and familys' attics! The wooden decor is all made from seasoned wood that we've collected from trees that have either been cut down or larger branches that have fallen naturally.

All we want to do is create high quality gifts while enjoying what we do.

We'll try to keep you up to date on what we get up to and how our business grows in the future.

So until the next time!

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